Thursday, September 8, 2011

The futuristic layout of an architect (me). "Pedestrian bridge from (#riveDroite) Sermide to (#riveGauche) Castelmassa" :O

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The longest pedestrian bridge in the Alps near the Gadmen was first built in 2004 and most recently, in 2009 is was rebuilt in a new manner. Now it has become even more safe and secure. Now fans of trekking, traveling to these places to see the glacier, can make the best photos of the lake Thrift from an altitude of 100 meters. 170-meter-long passage over the abyss will truly become one of the most exciting pats of the Swiss experience.
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§§Trift, Switzerland§§Pedonali, ciclopedonali, funicolari ... ma ponti ! / Pedestrian ... but bridging!


Trift Bridge, Switzerland

as e.g.
in Wuppertal and Dresden

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  1. i ponti mi piacciono molto....attraversare e nello stesso tempo unire ...FORTE!


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