Sunday, December 9, 2012

Una BELLA notizia per le generazioni future ... il ghiacciaio Columbia (Alaska) dal 2020 ...

rying to understand how a tidewater glacier reacts to a warming climate ... 

August 2010 landsat image of Columbia Glacier overlaid with the curvilinear coordinate system employed by Meier et al. (1985) to describe the “main” flowline (M) and tributaries “west” (W), “main-west” (MW) and “east” (E). Inset depicts location of Columbia Glacier in Alaska. Photo courtesy of Colgan, et. al.
The scientists then compared thousands of outputs from the computer model under different assumptions with the wealth of data that exists for the Columbia Glacier.
The batch of outputs that most accurately reproduced the well-documented history of retreat was run into the future to predict the changes the Columbia Glacier will most likely experience until the year 2100. The researchers found that around 2020 the terminus of the glacier will retreat into water that is sufficiently shallow to provide a stable position through 2100 by slowing the rate of iceberg production.

The complete study is available online at
Peter Caughey is the senior social sciences editor for the CU Office of News Services.
Nov 26, 2012

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