Sunday, August 10, 2014

#wcet14annualmeeting - Nov 19-21 Portland, Oregon

NOV. 19-21 Portland, Oregon



Maybe you’re into Casper and friends and want to go the Paranormal Investigation route.Organic Farmer
Maybe you’d like to learn to grow your own organic vegetables, but don’t have your own row to hoe. This program at Washington State University allows you to learn the basics and then intern with an organic farmer, organic business, or organic certifying agency to get your hands dirty.
You can become a leader in the energy industry, with a bachelor of applied science at Bismarck State College.
Learn to help people undergoing dialysis by earning a certificate that provides both theoretical and practical training. Or become a surgical assistant and support surgeons in fields from obstetrics to neurosurgery.
You can move up the healthcare ladder by earning your Nurse Practitioner degree through Duke University or Georgetown University
Perhaps you’d like to be among the first Canadian Architects trained online?

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