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Jan 20/21 '14;
--- Wide awake, K.P.
Things that you don't understand about youth! - YouTube 2:01
29/lug/2013 - Caricato da Huawei Device
Former president Moi urges youth to study
and understand constitution
- YouTube
12/lug/2013 - Caricato da KTN Kenya

Does Gen Y prefer consumer goods to ideals?
Date November 7, 2013
Sarah Burnside
True believers they may not be, but Generation Y has what it takes to change the world.

Well might one ask “what's wrong with Gen Y?” because there are many who are keen to answer. As Derek Thompson noted recently in The Atlantic, “anxious and hand-wringing newspaper column[s] about the State of Millennials” constitute “a highly competitive sub-industry of journalism”.
One of the tropes of such articles is the assumption that people now in their teens and twenties are uniquely bereft of beliefs and ideals; that their wallets are full and their egos well-nourished while their hearts and minds are empty.
For instance, this week on Q&A's "dangerous ideas" episode, the obligatory As A Young Person Question™ was delivered by twentysomething Emilia Terzon, who posited:

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