Monday, May 13, 2013

Canadian commander Chris Hadfield version of Space Oddity' [Special thanks to David Bowie, NASA, ROSCOSMOS and the CSA] and his transfer of command

(David Bowie) 

Ground Control to Major Tom 
Ground Control to Major Tom 
Take your protein pills 
and put your helmet on 

Ground Control to Major Tom 
Commencing countdown, 
engines on 
Check ignition 
and may God's love be with you 

Ten, Nine, Eight, Seven, Six, Five, Four, Three, Two, One, Liftoff 

This is Ground Control 
to Major Tom 
You've really made the grade 
And the papers want to know whose shirts you wear 
Now it's time to leave the capsule 
if you dare 

This is Major Tom to Ground Control 
I'm stepping through the door 
And I'm floating 
in a most peculiar way 
And the stars look very different today 

For here 
Am I sitting in a tin can 
Far above the world 
Planet Earth is blue 
And there's nothing I can do 

Though I'm past 
one hundred thousand miles 
I'm feeling very still 
And I think my spaceship knows which way to go 
Tell my wife I love her very much 
she knows 

Ground Control to Major Tom 
Your circuit's dead, 
there's something wrong 
Can you hear me, Major Tom? 
Can you hear me, Major Tom? 
Can you hear me, Major Tom? 
Can you.... 

Here am I floating 
round my tin can 
Far above the Moon 
Planet Earth is blue 
And there's nothing I can do. 


Chris Hadfield:
Around Planet Earth in 1,500 tweets

View of Earth, 9 May

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Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield is due to return to Earth on Tuesday from a five-month stint on board the International Space Station.

Chris Hadfield tells the BBC about his photos of Earth - during an interview from space
Since docking with the ISS in a Soyuz craft in December, the 53-year-old station commander has kept hundreds of thousands of followers back on Earth informed and entertained from orbit.
He has tweeted from the space station at least 1,500 times, capturing remarkable images of many corners of the world.
His first photograph came in his first tweet from the ISS: "Space Station! Floating free,
buoyed up even more by my smile :)"
His first days were marked by a series of photos detailing life inside the space station.
But he soon branched out into striking orbital landscapes of the planet below.
We have collected just a few of Cmdr Hadfield's tweeted shots and captions here - more are available by browsing his Twitter feed @Cmdr_Hadfield.
The photographs of @Cmdr_Hadfield
Cmdr Hadfield's tweeted photo on 26 March 26 March: "A squiggly little river feeds the mighty Amazon"
A former fighter pilot, Chris Hadfield became a trainee astronaut in 1992 after winning selection from a field of 5,330 applicants, according to Nasa.
He flew on board the space shuttle, docking with the Russian space station Mir and as part of an assembly flight to the ISS in 2001.
He eventually won his own slot on board the ISS in 2010, training for his current mission until lift-off in December 2012.
After gathering hundreds of thousands of Twitter followers during his months on board, he made one final hit as the time came for his departure from the ISS.
He posted a striking video to YouTube of him performing a version of David Bowie's renowned 1969 hit song Space Oddity.
The video quickly went viral, and even prompted a response from Bowie's own official account: "Hallo Spaceboy..."

Canadian commander Chris Hadfield version of Space Oddity, recorded on the ISS
(footage courtesy of Chris Hadfield, NASA and CSA)

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Last slide from Hadfield's video §§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§ Expedition 35 Commander Chris Hadfield transfers his title to long-time friend and crewmate Pavel Vinogradov in this International Space Station (ISS)

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