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Ora si potranno visitare virtualmente anche le "Eastern Qing Tombs" di Pechino

Beijing Eastern Qing Tombs Travel Guide
Along with the Western Qing Tombs, they are the important cultural heritage in the world.

Located in Malanyu Village in Zunhua County, Hebei Province, 125 kilometers northeast of Beijing, theEastern Qing Tombs are among the finest and largest extant Mausoleum complexes in China. Altogether 5 emperors, 15 empresses, 136 imperial concubines, 3 princes, and 2 princesses of the Qing Dynasty were buried there, covering a total area of 80 square kilometers. Along with the Western Qing Tombs, they are the important cultural heritage in the world.
The exquisite and splendid of the imperial underground structures are very impressive. Of all the tombs, Xiaoling(tomb of emperor Shunzhi) is the biggest and most elaborate and another tomb worth to visit is the Ding Dongling, the tomb of Empress Dowager Cixi, the woman who ruled China behind a curtain for 48 years. It's luxuriou decorations are rare seen in the world.
With its important historical, artistic and scientific values, Eastern Qing Tombs were officially included in the UNESCO world heritage list in Novermber 30th, 2000 and were accessed as the national 4A-class tourist spot by the National Tourism Administration in 2001.

Eastern Qing Tombs

Tourist sites in Eastern Qing Tombs

Ding Dongling(tomb of Empress Dowager Cixi)

Empress CiXi is the woman who ruled China behind a curtain for 48 years.

Xiaoling (tomb of Emperor Shunzhi)

Yuling (tomb of Emporor Qianlong)

Jingling (tomb of Emperor Kangxi)

Dingling (tomb of Emperor Xianfeng)

Huiling (tomb of Emperor Tongzhi)

Suggestions: Qualified guides are available at every reception of every tomb with reasonable charge. Visiting such a place with rich history and culture, a guide is necessary to help you know more about Chinese. There are many legends about the Eastern Qing Tombs, they are all very intresting and attractive.

Hot tour:

One day tour: the Sacred Way, Xiaoling, Yuling, Ding Dongling, Dingling, Yingling and Erlang Temple.

Two days tour: Eastern Qing Tombs, Dule Temple and Panshan Mountain.


Malanyu Village in Zunhua County, Hebei Province


How to get there:

Tourist bus

Every weekend tourist buses will be available in the Gate of Divie Might(Xuanwu men) of the Forbidden City at 6:30 – 8:30 in the morning.

Tel: 010-83531111

800-8104001( Beijing Tourism Distribution Center)

Round-tip tickets: about CNY120 (including the entrance fees of Xiaoling, Jingling, Yuling, Dingling, Ding Dongling, Xiangfei ling and so on )


Take coach from Beijing to Zunhua County in Sihui long-distance bus Station(Beijing), get off at Shimen(Stone Gate)

in Zunhua then take a taxi to the Eastern Qing Tombs.

Other information:

Opening hours: 

8:00- 17:30 (May 1 - Oct.31)         9:00- 16:30 (Nov.1 – Apr. 30)

Tel: 0315-6945475             Fax: 0315-6945127

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