Sunday, October 20, 2013

Perché nei disastri muoiono così tante persone con disabilità ? Risponde l'ONU / UN

UN global survey explains why so many people living with disabilities die in disasters

10 October 2013, GENEVA – The results of the first-ever UN global survey of persons living with disabilities on how they cope with disasters, illustrates why they die, or are injured, in disproportionate numbers in disasters. An estimated 15% of the world’s population lives with some form of disability

Recommendations from respondents for the next global agreement on disaster risk reduction: Community awareness – people need to think about the needs of their neighbours and realize the potential issues people living with disabilities will face in the event of a catastrophe,; 

Wheelchair access is needed for evacuations and there’s a need for access to electricity in all emergency shelters; 

Inclusion of disability must be a central concern in all emergency communications; 

Offer disaster risk reduction apps on the phone for people with disabilities; 

Appropriate accommodation to meet the needs of people living with disabilities in emergency shelters; 

A solid plan for replacement of life-saving medications during emergencies; 

Cost-effective technologies to help disabled people evacuate buildings; 

In emergency situations, “don’t work with colors or small letters, I am colour blind”;

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