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Delta Passenger Needing Wheelchair Forced To Crawl Down Aisle And Across Tarmac

In a lawsuit filed on July 23, 2013 Hawaiian passenger Baraka Kanaan claims that he had to crawl down the aisle of an airplane and across the tarmac to reach his wheelchair. He states that one of the incidents occurred last summer while traveling from Hawaii to Massachusetts via a series of Delta Air Lines flights.
From an article in The Huffington Post:
“Though a car accident in 2000 left him unable to walk and entirely dependent on a wheelchair, aisle chairs, and lifts, he says Delta representatives assured him weeks before his flight “that he would be received and given reasonable accommodation for his disability.”
Yet when Kanaan arrived in Massachusetts, the complaint alleges Delta had none of the equipment needed to help him off the airplane. When he asked what his options were, a flight attendant replied, “I don’t know, but we can’t get you off the plane,” according to a copy of the suit provided to The Huffington Post.
Kanaan, in his best suit, then had to “[crawl] hand over hand through the main cabin and down a narrow flight of stairs and across the tarmac to his wheelchair,” an experience he says caused “great physical and emotional suffering,” the complaint states.
On his return trip, Kanaan says he had to repeat the same procedure, as the equipment was still unavailable. However, this time the airline offered to place cardboard beneath him “so that his clothes wouldn’t get dirty,” the document states. In both incidents, he alleges Delta employees made no effort to try and obtain equipment from other airlines to help him deplane properly.
Kanaan’s complaints to the airline resulted in a $100 voucher and an offer of 25,000 SkyMiles, which the suit says he declined, fearing his next Delta flight would leave him, again, on his hands and knees.
A Delta representative did not immediately respond to The Huffington Post’s request for comment but said the airlines was looking into the matter.”

*NOTE: MY impression from the article between the “…he was en route via a series of Delta Air Lines flights” statement as well as the circumstances described lead me to believe that it may have been a smaller (regional) aircraft that he was traveling on. IF it were, he would need a wheelchair lift to exit the plane. Again, this is only my personal opinion.* 

(Manual wheelchair lifts, Delta, United States :-) 
Where/If, however, disability is not a ballast left at home! 

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